Business entities need to send vital and sensitive information to others regularly. This means more security is necessary when sending such emails so that the sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. This is why sending encrypted emails has gained primary importance in almost every organization. Of course, regular emails do not need such a high level of security. However, it is essential to prevent hackers from intercepting business emails. There are many email service providers available on the internet. However, if you wish to use the provider’s services for communicating sensitive information to others, you must choose the email provider that provides maximum security.

What Is Email Encryption?

Email encryption is the process of disguising or encrypting the contents of an email. The main motive behind this process is to safeguard the sensitive contents from getting into the wrong hands. Most of the time, email encrypted involves authentication. Email encryption is not just necessary for business entities who share sensitive information with others. It is also vital for any ordinary email user who sends general emails to friends or colleagues. Without proper encryption, hackers can quickly access your email account and take away anything of importance that they can find.

Why Do You Need To Send Encrypted Emails?

Many of you may wonder why you worry about sending encrypted emails when there is nothing sensitive in your emails. Unfortunately, hackers have a different thought process. Your email can be connected to several other essential things in your life. For instance, hackers can use your email to change your bank account details, get a copy of some of your important documents, and do many more dangerous things. Sending encrypted emails will significantly reduce the possibility of hackers gaining access to your vital pieces of information. As a result, your emails and other essential and personal data will remain safe.

Best Ways to Send and Receive Encrypted Emails

There are numerous email service providers out there. However, if you intend to use their service for your business purposes, you must choose the provider that provides the maximum security for your emails. Some of the best in this criteria are listed below.

1. 500Mail

Get the superior email service software for your business emails with multiple domains and unlimited mailboxes. In addition, 500Mail offers ultimate world-class security for your business emails, and its IMAP and POP protocols allow you to access your emails from anywhere using any device. You can create limitless groups with this email service software. The best part is that you enjoy unlimited domains and mailboxes by paying for just one. The feature-rich software has gained immense popularity amongst its users, and it comes loaded with features that are suitable for all types of business organizations.

Key Features Of 500Mail

Key Features of 500Mail
  • World-class security
  • Multi-region support
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Multiple domains
  • Compatible with all types of devices
2. RMail

This email service software lets you send your business emails with proper compliance and end-to-end encryption security. When you send your emails from your current email address, you will receive a Registered Receipt record. This will prove that your emails were sent encrypted and with proper compliance. However, you will be allowed ten free emails every month.

3. Hushmail

Another secure email service provider on the list is Hushmail. It is a web-based free email service with the feel and looks of any other webmail site. However, Hushmail encrypts your emails so that they will prove useless to any unwanted recipient. In addition, Hushmail is easily accessible from any device, and it implements standards-compliant encryption.

4. iSafeguard

This email service package provides digital signature solutions, highly secure encryption, and easy-to-use solutions. iSafeguard is suitable for companies of all sizes and individuals alike. You can digitally sign your emails and send them to others in an encrypted format. iSafeguard also allows you to encrypt files and folders you wish to share with others. iSafeguard is available in both paid and free versions. However, the free version is suitable for individuals and non-business entities. It is needless to say that the free version lacks several helpful features found in the paid version. However, the free version allows you to send encrypted emails with digital signatures.

5. Safe-mail

This tool is a highly secure email service software, just as the name suggests. It provides a safe and secure email communication, sharing, distribution, and storage system. You can use Safe-mail to send across emails and use it for its various data storage, instant messaging, data distribution, and file-sharing tools. In short, Safe-mail is suitable for individuals and business entities alike. All the applications you get with this email service are secured and safe by the latest encryption. As a result, you can expect the top-most level of privacy and protection. If you consider the entire system, you will notice that security is not an additional feature. Instead, it is designed into the core architecture of the email system.

6. Sbwave Enkryptor

This tool is one of the email service tool that offers encrypted text messages for every email delivery, which is entered and distributed via a web form. Your recipients will receive the emails in an encrypted format. They need to enter the code for the encryption, and the message gets decrypted. You will choose this code and share it with your recipients. When you opt for Sbwave Enkryptor, you do not have to sign up or install any additional software on your computer. Instead, the encryption code will be known to three people, the sender, the recipient, and the email client, such as Outlook Express and Hotmail.

7. Lockbin

Another efficient web-based email service is Lockbin. You can send any private files and emails using this service. Moreover, this service does not leave behind any message persistence. In other words, Lockbin will allow your emails to be backed up or stored in backup files or email servers. When you use an ordinary email service software, network sniffers spying on your email traffic are an excellent possibility. However, using Lockbin can obscure the content of your emails and prevent these sniffers from posing any threat to your privacy. Lockbin is available as free and paid versions. The free version does not have as many features as you get with the paid version. Nonetheless, it lets you send emails with secure attachments up to a maximum size of 15MB. On the other hand, the paid version allows a larger limit for the attachments.

8. Sendinc

This tool is another email service software that is web-based. Sendinc allows safe and secure transmission of sensitive information through emails. It is free, and there is no need for you to download and store any software to use Sendinc. The moment your email leaves your system, Sendinc encrypts it securely. This software ensures that your data remains safe and does not fall into the wrong hands. When your recipient receives the email, the encryption will cease to exist. Sendinc also ensures that your emails and other data are not stored even for a second in an unencrypted format. In addition, the software verifies your recipients to safeguard your emails.

9. Infoencrypt

If you want to secure your emails quickly, Infoencrypt is your solution. This web-based email service is free software but offers top-class encryption for your emails and essential data. All you need to do is enter the text of your message and the encryption password. This password will encrypt and decrypt your email. Infoencrypt uses a robust encryption algorithm to help secure your sensitive data in your emails. Any hacker who tries to intercept your emails without a valid password will fail to get anything. The best part is that you need not install the software on your computer.

10. SafeGmail

This has a free extension for Google Chrome and lets you send encrypted emails to people from any corner of the world. The process of encryption and decryption is carried out within the browser. Your emails remain encrypted in both the recipient’s and sender’s email inboxes. After a specific number of days, the emails will expire automatically. SafeGmail will work with any email provider that your recipient may be using. It is one of the most successful ways of communicating with customers. However, as a business entity, you must create a lasting impression in the minds of your would-be customers. Therefore, you need to use a business email service provider. There are numerous options when it comes to such a tool. Choosing any random email service will not be sufficient. Since most of the emails will be related to your business, proper security and privacy are critical.

Thus, take some time and choose the email service provider that provides the best safety and security for your emails. If you are careful today, you will reap the benefits in the days to come. Powerful encryptions, timely decryptions, and other essential factors are crucial for safeguarding your emails. This is why compare the different options and finalize the one that offers maximum security at a minimal cost.

What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?
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