Inbox Filters

keep your inbox organized

Inbox filters are a great way to customize your email experience and create rules for sending and receiving emails.

Inbox Filters

Customize your Email Experience with Inbox Filters

Automatically manage, organize, control, and filter your incoming email as they're easy and super handy

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Add conditions to filter your inbox messages and organize them depending on the subject line, recipient and sender addresses.



Apply actions to messages based on what you have set up. You can set up filters for both emails that come in and emails that go out. It gives you much flexibility in managing your email.

add new folder

Add New Folder

Allow you to create new folders right within your email account, and the function is effortless. You can quickly and easily create new folders to store email messages in, making it easy to keep your inbox organized.

spam filters

Spam Filters

Filters can be more or less strict, so you can decide how you want emails to work by scanning your incoming messages with certain words or phrases used in spam emails.

What are Inbox Filters?

Email filters come in handy when you want to organize emails from certain people and files that arrive in your inbox every day. You can sort them into folders, archive them, delete them or forward them on to your friends.

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