Unlimited Mailboxes

store and organize your email

Get unlimited email storage and email access with unlimited mailboxes and shared mailboxes helps to work collaboratively.

Unlimited Mailboxes

Provide Filters to Categorize Mailboxes

Provide a platform where the admin can access unlimited mailboxes and access them

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unlimited email storage

Unlimited Email Storage

Get unlimited user space, we provide you with unlimited email storage for all your business and personal needs.

create unlimited mailboxes

Create Unlimited Mailboxes

Create multiple mailboxes for different domain where, every mailbox is assigned with distinct dashboards, like inbox, sent, draft, trash, and app to integrate. The trash option is enabled after 30 days of mailbox creation.

shared mailboxes

Shared Mailboxes

With shared mailboxes, multiple users can access a single mailbox, and all messages can be archived and easily accessible.

What are Unlimited Mailboxes?

With an unlimited mailbox, you can have all the storage space to organize your email. You can also use your address for business or personal correspondence without worrying about running out of storage. Can access your email from any device with an internet connection. Learn more about How To Get Unlimited Mailboxes

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