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Email Software for your business needs

  • Access and sync your mails from any device using IMAP and POP integration

  • Build powerful ecosystems using app integrations

  • Optimize your busisness commuincation and build powerfu drip campaigns with mass email service

  • Email authentication to secure and protect your entire business communication

best email software

Secure Email

Secure and encrypted Email access with end-to-end encryption without any third-party access.

secure email
physical security

Physical Security

Prevent physical break-ins and malware attacks by storing encrypted Emails in indestructible infrastructure that is spread across various biometrically secured data centres.

email data protection

Email Data Protection

Use methodical service procedures, policies, and methods to avoid Email spoofing, phishing, spam, and data leakage.

encrypted email

Encrypted Email

Provide a private key to decrypt the encrypted messages at the recipient side.

secure email access

Secure Email Access

Provide secure Email access using IMAP and POP protocols for accessing the mails.

certificates and compliance

Certificates and Compliance

Support various certifications and perform frequent audits to keep our security up to date to provide a reliable and secure Email experience.

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Unlimited Mailboxes

Provide access to any number of mailboxes and create customized mailboxes according to the requirement.

unlimited mailboxes
unlimited email storage

Unlimited Email Storage

Give users the space to store their Emails and categorize them using filters and segregate them according to the requirement of the user.

create unlimited mailboxes

Create Unlimited Mailboxes

Create mailboxes to stay organized and, as a result, increase productivity. It also makes it easy to manage our time and email.

shared mailboxes

Shared Mailboxes

Help to bring different teams to work collaboratively and transparently. Organizations can easily manage and read Emails using shared mailboxes.

Find out more about Unlimited Mailboxes

Multiple Domain

Get a chance to rank through multiple domains. Only admin have access to create a domain by fulfilling all domain verification instructions. Provide the facility to create multiple domains.

multiple domain
create multiple domain

Create Multiple Domain

Access to create a domain is given only to the admin. Admin can do actions like delete, create new and modify the domain.

organize mails into buckets

Organize Mails into Buckets

Organize your business Emails by creating multiple domains according to the department they work.

domian setup

Domian Setup

Access to create a domain is only given to the admin which needs to fulfill all constraints for domain creation.

Find out more about Multiple Domain


Use POP to download an attachment by completely removing it from the server and can only be accessed locally.

imap and pop


Access to the message is made only from a single device and works flexibly from one machine with many mails.



Use Post office Protocol (POP) message request protocol to retrieve Email from an Email server and synchronize with the local device.



Provide IMAP or POP backup and restore email data in case of any phishing, spoofing and cyber attacks. Cloud-based email backup ensures the data is safe and protected.

Find out more about IMAP and POP

Mobile Setup

Connect yourself with the customers using mobile setup and help to contact them with their questionaries.

mobile setup
stay connected

Stay Connected

Connect with work by setting up work Email on phone and response to Email in emergency.

easily accessible

Easily Accessible

Work where ever you are, access all your Emails in your pocket with a mobile-friendly user experience, stay updated with all the Email notifications.

user friendly

User Friendly

Make it easy for qualified visitors to find you. Most crucially, visitors to your regular website can be directed to your mobile app automatically.

Find out more about Mobile Setup

App Integration

Provide facility to integrate all your data and help in communicating among them by sharing data.

app integration
asana integration

Asana Integration

Help organization to communicate and assign task to their employees to manage work according to the priority.

Find out more about App Integration

Business Email Service

Create a professional Email for business to have the flexibility to work and makes your service trustworthy.

business email service
business email addresses

Business Email Addresses

Provide secure, encrypted and ad-free business Email services.

drip campaigns

Drip Campaigns

Save time and effort in promoting the content and improving brand awareness by sending a constant flow of marketing emails to customers.

Find out more about Business Email Service

Attachment Support

Support attachment limits only to some extent and can have attachments from your application installed or local device.

attachment support
find thefts in attachment file

Find Thefts In Attachment File

Check on the mails, identify the spam emails and automatically save them in the spam folder.

attachment from local and drive

Attachment From Local and Drive

Attach files from your local desktop by providing exact location. Attachments can also be sent if someone needs to send multiple files at once but they're too large to send in one message.

attach any  file format

Attach Any File Format

Attach files to messages for various reasons. Different attachments formats available on the web today, use the format that is most widely supported by recipients of emails.

Find out more about Attachment Support


Protect Emails from spam, spoofing, and phishing from sender and recipients.

protect from phishing

Protect From Phishing

Detect forged recipient addresses in Emails using DKIM.

spoofing attack

Spoofing Attack

Protect the Emails of an organization and its reputation by using DKIM. Offers to work against spoofing.

Find out more about DKIM


Protect your Email by using an encryption service like Secure Email that includes features such as domain reputation, Secure Protocol Framework.

spam and spoofing

Spam and Spoofing

Protect your domain from spoofing by using SPF and help to prevent the outgoing messages to be marked as spam.



Configure with SPF to improve Email deliverability. The deliverability of the Emails depends upon the reputation of the domain.

Find out more about SPF

Email Signature

Use an Email signature to make your mail look professional, can have quick access to your details and promotes your products or services.

email signature
keep it plain and simple

Keep it Plain and Simple

Include name, job name, workplace, company logo and contact information.

include social icons

Include Social Icons

Easy to link social media icons in your signature and make your signature look professional.

incorporate brand and logo

Incorporate Brand and Logo

Create a personalized signature with a logo the boosts your credibility and puts your company at the forefront of people's minds.

Find out more about Email Signature

Multi Region Support

Access email in another when using a multi-region deployment. Secure Mail for Exchange Server, on the other hand, allows enterprises to securely access their email from any location.

multi region support
application architecture flexibility

Application Architecture Flexibility

Give the flexibility to use the application in any region and can retrieve data from the server.

fault tolerance

Fault Tolerance

Enable the operating system to work in case of any hardware or software failures.

Find out more about Multi Region Support

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