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Collaborate with your team through email securely and reliably by accessing unlimited mailboxes and get custom email signatures.

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Email Software for your Business Needs

  • Access and sync your mails from any device using IMAP and POP integration.

  • Build powerful ecosystems using app integrations.

  • Optimize your business communication and build powerful drip campaigns with mass email service.

  • Email authentication to secure and protect your entire business communication.

best email software

Unlimited Mailboxes

Email accounts associated with your domain can be managed more effectively by accessing all of them on a single platform. This is useful for both personal and business email accounts.

unlimited mailboxes
unlimited email storage

Unlimited Email Storage

Provide a simple way for them to keep track of their messages and reply to them as quickly as possible. When certain sorts of messages are shown or hidden in inboxes, it is easier for customers to focus on the most critical ones.

create unlimited mailboxes

Create Unlimited Mailboxes

Helps to create multiple mailboxes for business to handle different categories related emails in an organized manner.

shared mailboxes

Shared Mailboxes

Helps organizations to manage single mailboxes with only desired members to access it as of the requirement.

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Multiple Domain

Create various customizable domains based on your business requirements and access all of them from one or multiple devices

multiple domain
create multiple domains

Create Multiple Domains

Easily create and manage multiple domains with the help of the email client software. Providers offer a variety of features that make managing domains easy and efficient.

add domains

Add Domains

Offer a wide variety of domain name extensions and create professional domains as per the requirement

custom domains

Custom Domains

Access to create custom domains with different extensions like .com,.cc, .tk etc. for the organizations to handle different emails.

spam detection

Spam Detection

Prevent the infiltration of your mailbox with spam detection. manage your business emails easily for specified outcomes.

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Business Email Service

Establish a reputable business identity with a customizable email address. Organize all your business communication lines under one domain and boost your brand promotions.

business email service
manage business email

Manage Business Email

Provide secure, encrypted and ad-free business email services.

improve your brand

Improve your Brand

Save time and effort in promoting the content and improving brand awareness by sending a constant flow of marketing emails to customers. aSave time and effort to market your business by including your domain name in your business emails.



Uses two-factor authentication and spam filtering to protect your email account from unauthorized access and spam messages.

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Attachment Support

Secure your attachments and track them by attaching different files formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, PPT's etc.

attachment support
attach large files

Attach Large Files

Make it easy to send large files without worrying about exceeding your email's file size limit. The service is free and easy to set up; enter the recipient's email address and attach the file.

attachment from local and drive

Attachment from Local and Drive

Keep your business organized and your customers happy; attachments to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your needs. The attachment is easy to use and help make your business more efficient.

attach any  file format

Attach any File Format

Browse the file you want to send, and select which are essential when sending or receiving attachments.

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Secure Email

Encrypted email provides the most secure means of sending emails. In addition to protecting your data from unauthorized access, encrypted email is only available to the intended recipient.

secure email
physical security

Physical Security

Protects email content from security breaches and is implemented by encrypting email communication between the sender and the recipient. It blocks anyone other than the desired recipient from reading the information of the email.

email data protection

Email Data Protection

Protecting your email from being spied on or stolen is very important. Because it encrypts your emails, only the intended recipient will be able to view them.

encrypted email

Encrypted Email

Ensures that the email content is hidden from anyone who might try to access it, including the email provider, and makes it a convenient option for customers who need to send or receive secure emails.

secure email access

Secure Email Access

Provides customers with a safe and secure way to access their email from any computer that is connected to the internet. A high level of security is given by the service, which is simple to use.

certificates and compliance

Certificates and Compliance

Maintain complete compliance with all safety and security measures established and report any violations to the appropriate authorities. Moreover, contribute to the security of your consumers and their information.

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Multi Device Setup

Access safe emails from anywhere using our iOS, Android, and desktop accessible app. It helps in tracking your inbox and replying instantly to emails you receive.

multi device setup
stay connected

Stay Connected

Connect with work by setting up work email on phone and response to email in emergency.

easily accessible

Easily Accessible

Work where ever you are, access all your emails in your pocket with a mobile-friendly user experience, stay updated with all the email notifications.

user friendly

User Friendly

Make it easy for qualified visitors to find you. Most crucially, visitors to your regular website can be directed to your mobile app automatically.

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Inbox Filters

Using filters, you can quickly find important messages and reduce the number of messages in your inbox while further categorizing them for easy locating.

inbox filters


Set certain conditions to sort your emails and keep your inbox neat and organized. Make it easy to find the emails into relevant folders, so you don't have to waste time doing it yourself.



Take actions on emails, such as moving them to a specific folder and deleting them. Automatically respond to emails by sending a confirmation message when someone signs up for your mailing list.

add new folder

Add New Folder

Add new folders for your inbox to be cluttered-free with messages from newsletters, social media notifications, and more. That will automatically place those emails into the corresponding folder.

spam filters

Spam Filters

Scans all incoming and outgoing emails using certain words and phrases. Useful for blocking messages from spammers or companies you no longer want to receive emails from.

Find out more about Inbox Filters

Email Signature

Use an email signature to make your emails look professional and promote your products or services.

email signature
keep it plain and simple

Keep it Plain and Simple

Include name, job name, workplace, company logo and contact information.

include social icons

Include Social Icons

Easy to link social media icons in your signature and make your signature look professional.

incorporate brand

Incorporate Brand

Create a personalized signature with a logo the boosts your credibility and puts your company at the forefront of people's minds.

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Email Authentication

Verifies the sender's email address and confirms the message sent is from the verified user. It is a valuable tool for businesses to protect their customers from spam and fraudulent messages.

email authentication


Help avoid spoofing and phishing attacks, which steal personal information or gain unauthorized access to networks or systems. Secure Protocol (SPF) framework is easy to use and can be setup in minutes.



Configure with SPF to improve email deliverability. The deliverability of the emails depends upon the reputation of the domain.



Protect customers from email spoofing and organization to secure brand and its customers from being scammed by fraudulent emails. DMARC allows the owner of a domain name to specify which email authentication methods are to be used for messages sent from that domain.

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Multi Region Support

Access your emails from any region worldwide. Communicate with your clients or peers seamlessly with 500Mail’s multi-region deployment.

multi region support
geographical region

Geographical Region

Allows customers to specify the country or region their email messages will be sent from.

regions and zones

Regions and Zones

Make email messages more manageable by sorting and arranging them by location or zone. This will assist you in addressing clients in different regions.

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