Why Use Email Software?

Use your email softwares to manage your customer relationships, There are numerous ways you can do, but first you need to know how to use your email software.


Access unlimited mailboxes from one place


Build brand identity and credibility with unlimited custom domains


Filter emails to avoid spams for a secured email communication


Export contacts to CRM directly from your address book via CRM integrations


Route emails to various groups using advanced filters and aliases


Set up mailboxes with default email clients without having to download a new one


Personalize emails with mutiple signatures


Unbelievable pricing - the lowest you will ever find


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What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?

If you aim to succeed in your email marketing campaigns, you need email softwares. Email marketing has proven to be the most powerful marketing tool any business can use. It helps organizations build relationships, expand the customer base, increase engagements, etc. Above all, it promises the highest ROI of all marketing campaigns.

In addition, almost all correspondence in an organizational setting is done via email, from customer marketing campaigns to interpersonal exchanges within the organization.

Your success depends on the email service you entrust with your campaigns. Therefore, you should use a tool that guarantees the security of your emails.

What Does Email Softwares Mean?

According to Techopedia, email softwares is a program that has the features and functionality of using electronic mail. In addition, they are email editors with various formats, layouts, and messaging functionality tools.

Many individuals or organizations might argue that having an extra program installed to handle your emails between them and their email providers seems inconvenient. However, it is something you should consider in this security-conscious world.


Why Use Email Softwares?

If you still feel you do not need dedicated email softwares, here are some points to make you reconsider:

· It protects you from ads:

Unlike email provider programs, email clients protect you from ads. Your traditional email service scans through each email you send and receive for data. Then, they use this data to target you with relevant ads and retargeting.

Email softwares only receives email content via POP3 or IMAP, making it difficult for email providers to scan through your messages. Even if the provider manages to do that, the client makes sure you will not receive any ads targeted at you. Neither will you receive any cookies from your email provider.

· Saves you time:

Using email softwares saves you time.

As an organization, you might use several email-providing services. This will require you to have different applications installed for each service provider.

An email client helps you concentrate all your emails in a place. Irrespective of the service provider, the client centralizes all your accounts. Therefore, you do not have to log in and out of each report or change browser tabs.

· Backups:

Unlike email service providers, email softwares lets you backup your emails to access offline. In addition, it easily enables you to riff your messages to find the one you seek. So, it makes accessibility easy, even from a place without an internet connection.

Email Service Provider

· Integration

As a business, there is a chance you need your messages and other data across several platforms. Email clients allow easy integration into other tools like Dropbox, Zapier, Cluodapp, etc. It enables you to use security features like digital signing, critical public infrastructure, or encryption. Some email softwares providers allow you to use advanced email rules and filtering.

· Security:

Most of the time, the life-blood of an organization passes through their email. An email client handles email security.

Your emails are at the risk of exposure when you send, while in flight, and at the receiver’s end. Email clients ensure that your email is encrypted all through the way. You can enable a traditional encryption key to access the software. The software provider encrypts the email while in transit. Your receiver needs your key before he can access the mail.

Email Security

Therefore, your email is protected all the way, even if you send it to the wrong address.

If not the app, why not the browser extension?

It is understandable if you don’t want to go all out to download new dedicated email softwares. Another way you can access your emails without the application is through your web browsers. An extension can also put a second layer of security between you and your service provider, ultimately giving you more control.

All you need, is 500mail

There are many email clients, and whichever you choose depends entirely on you. However, it is best you carefully consider your choice. In this digital lime, effectiveness rules, not loyalty.

I would recommend 500mail.

500mail is an email client that offers secure and reliable email access for your business. It boasts world-class data security with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and allows you to add unlimited mailboxes. Get started now at https://500mail.com.

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