What Is Email Encryption Software?

500mail is a provider of a hosted email encryption service. It is widely used by law firms, medical offices, and other businesses. It is also used by individual users who want to protect the privacy of their email communications


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What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?

Email has become the lifeblood of businesses. Communication among employees, organizations, and individuals is often sent over email. Hence, email often serves as a courier of sensitive information like customer lists, intellectual property, financial data, business plans, and other valuable data.

Without masking or encryption, this sensitive information is naked over the server. Information hijackers can steal this data anytime during transit with the right tools. If you do not want to expose your organization's vital documents to a breach, you need email encryption software.

Email Encryption Software

Email encryption software is a technology that helps to transform and secure emails in transit over the server. By using several encryption methods, they mask information and prevent unauthorized access to the content of the email. Using an email encryption service will protect your documents and avoid breaches of information that would have exposed your organization to legal trouble or customer loss.

Our Guide To Email Encryption Software

Email encryption software is of various types and offers multiple layers of security. In most scenarios, this software is cumbersome to use. Many offer traditional approaches like enforced server-to-server Transfer Layer Security and Public Key Infrastructure, which are difficult for both senders and receivers to manage.

In several cases, many software solutions require recipients to download a file that creates added administrative burdens for both senders and IT administrators. Hence, most senders would prefer to do without using encryption software while sending the email. Unfortunately, the added duties they avoid put the organization's information at risk.

To truly protect your organization's information, you need email encryption software that is easy to use. Therefore, besides its primary task of effective encryption, the tool must also be intuitive.

Why Use Email Encryption Software?

You are technically dangling your email's contents in front of third parties without an email encryption service. Your email is at risk of theft at different points, which include; - On your device - Between your device and the email provider - On the email provider server - Vulnerability on the recipient's end

Use Email Encryption Software

Here are some reasons why you need email encryption software:


In the digital world, any company that wants to succeed must prioritize data privacy. Irrespective of the industry, email encryption software protects the organization's data from third parties.


World over, several regulator organizations have enacted several data encryption regulations. Using the appropriate software will comply with the mandated laws and regulations. As a bonus, you will be on the safe side of the law by preventing a security breach.


Spam emails remain a significant problem for organizations. Over half of emails received by workers and employees are spam. Email encryption software helps you authenticate the sender and prevents spoofed emails from compromising your network. In addition to that, encryption protects you from the risk of phishing, saving you a lot of money.



Once you can prove that you have reliableemail encryption software, you will quickly build trust with whomever you are in business with. In addition, the assurance that communications are over secure networks will improve the relationship with clients and stockholders. Once trust is assured, growth is non-negotiable.

Prevents data loss:

Email is the main target of data thieves. With email encryption services, you will erase these threats and prevent outbound data loss. Hence, you have more control over your sensitive data. In addition, the software prevents human error by mandating a series of mail flow rules.

Introducing 500Mail


500Mail offers email encryption software as part of an all-in-one business productivity suite. The software specializes in email security, continuity, and archiving. 500Mail encrypts your email once it leaves your server, in transit, and at the receiver's end. In addition to that, the software also provides security services like anti-malware, anti-spam software, data loss prevention (DLP), and other advanced email fraud and threats combating tools. As a business solution, the software is easy-to-use, cloud-based, and provides a channel for securely sending and receiving all your emails. Upon installation, the software protects your email without requiring both senders and receivers to download additional software or manage any security certificates.

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