Is Gmail an Email Software?

Gmail is a popular email software that has caught the attention of millions of people. 500mail is the best gmail alternative that overcome the cons of Gmail.


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What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?

Gmail is one of the top-rated email platforms, and it's one that most businesses and individuals use. Nevertheless, now that you stumbled on this post before installing Gmail on your PC or device, you should note that there are multiple other reliable Gmail alternatives.

Before using any email software, you should be concerned about your privacy and the security of the information you will be providing the email provider. Gmail is a product of Google, and this means that your information can easily be ready by Google and its subsequent partners. To avoid giving up all your control over your personal information, you should consider using Gmail alternatives.

Email Software

Let's look at some of the cons of using Gmail for communication.

Disadvantages of Gmail Software

Limited Storage

Most people will rush to use Gmail because of the mobile convenience it offers. However, you may not be fully informed that your access to your messages is only possible when you are connected to the internet. Any minute you lose your internet connection, you can't access updated messages and files.

Third-Party Integration

Another huge disadvantage of using Gmail is that Google only allows integrating this app with their line of apps, including Calendar, Google+, Google Contacts, Google Drive, etc. If you were looking for some kind of flexibility, Gmail doesn't allow this. Depending on other apps you may wish to integrate with your email services, you should think of alternative email tools.

Email Services

Gmail Labels

Gmail users also argue that the labeling of the messages can be somewhat confusing. While you have the freedom to label emails as you want, this can be confusing if you have many messages coming in.

Filter Feature

Gmail has also been under significant criticism for its filtering feature. You have to open through different spam folders to ensure you don't miss important emails. Their filtering feature isn't accurate to make sure that all secure emails arrive in your inbox. This is something that you shouldn't overlook because missing essential messages from your prospects and customers might send the wrong impression.

No Customer Support

Perhaps the Gmail support team is too busy to handle customer queries. When faced with any issues relating to your Gmail account, you can't contact the support department. You have to deal with your issues on your own.

Best Gmail Alternative Software

Due to the limitations associated with Gmail, you may want to consider using alternative applications. Besides finding the best tool to access your emails, there are plenty of reasons why other email applications are worth considering.

Introducing is the best Gmail alternative in the market today. This tool provides you with unlimited mailboxes, so you don't have to worry about missing important messages in your inbox. What's more, if you are looking for an email service that allows you to register multiple domains, has your back. Creating domains with your business name is the best way to give your business emails a more professional look. Your customers will feel that they are interacting with a brand with authority. And this is the impression you create when you choose

Multiple Domains

Besides, you can read all your messages without downloading and saving them in POP and IMAP. This is a secure way of handling your conversations. Regarding integration, you can integrate 500Mail with other popular apps to increase your productivity.


So, one thing you've learned is that Gmail is an email software. Another thing is that you don't have to rely on this software alone for your communication. There are other ideal tools with advanced features and increased functionalities. Consider trying for a unique experience.

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