How To Create Unlimited Mailboxes With Email Software?

Create unlimited mailboxes for your email software with 500mail. Create a new mailbox in a simple way. Create new mailboxes with a click of a button.


Access unlimited mailboxes from one place


Build brand identity and credibility with unlimited custom domains


Filter emails to avoid spams for a secured email communication


Export contacts to CRM directly from your address book via CRM integrations


Route emails to various groups using advanced filters and aliases


Set up mailboxes with default email clients without having to download a new one


Personalize emails with mutiple signatures


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What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?

Excitement comes with sending multiple emails that will convert. This is the same excitement you will get as we expose you to how you can create unlimited Mailboxes using email Software in this article. By the way, you won't only be excited because your emails will convert, you will provide excellent customer service alongside.

Email software is a program designed with features and capabilities to help you send and receive electronic mails. They can be email editors with different formats and layouts.

Email Software

Having unlimited Mailboxes affords a business owner, especially a company, to manage all their mails. This thereby consolidates its communication system. Some of the benefits of unlimited Mailboxes include:

1.Unlimited mailboxes afford a user the privilege to send messages to as many people as possible without worrying whether or not your inbox will be complete.

2.You don't need to worry about deleting old emails to accommodate new emails with unlimited mailboxes. There is enough space for all of your official conversations.

3.You also have access to unlimited notification, which will only notify your prospects about your mails instead of repeatedly sending emails that may come off as spamming and offensive.

4.It also helps you segment and target your email to manage who sees and when you send the emails.

5.Because it affords customization, it helps you improve your business mailboxes in terms of relating to the prospect personally.

These are a few of the benefits that unlimited mailboxes afford. You feel on top of the world and improve your services significantly.

The significant part is how you create unlimited mailboxes with email softwares, which we are about to discuss. The best email softwares that can provide extras on these benefits of unlimited mailboxes is 500Mail.

500Mail, as an all-in-one software for emails, gets all the above benefits for you with its many features. You can go to sleep when it's 500Mail because it is the best-secured email softwares with unlimited mailboxes and multiple domains using IMAP and POP Protocols with more secure and reliable email access for your business.

500Mail provides secure, encrypted, and ad-free email services for individuals and businesses. The software uses advanced security and data protection policies to have secure email access.

500Mail also creates multiple domains in a single platform, which helps target diverse audiences and organize emails. It also provides a friendly environment and helps maintain connections with individual or business emails. The essential feature of Attachment support allows you to find thefts in the attachment. It also provides end-to-end encryption to send secured attachments using authentication protocols.

How to Create Unlimited Mailboxes with 500Mail?

  1. You have to sign up at to get started on the journey to your email effectiveness.

  2. You will be provided with filters, a platform where the admin can create unlimited Mailboxes and access them. With secure protocols, you will be provided with unlimited email storage for all business and personal needs.

  3. After this, you will create multiple mailboxes with security protocols. Each mailbox is outfitted with different dashboards like inbox, draft, and many others.

  4. You can then divide inboxes among different users with a single username and password. You will find this particularly useful in a company or organization to work together collaboratively with a single mailbox.

Unlimited Mailboxes

The beautiful part is to get started. All these features and benefits will not convert if you don't decide to get started on providing your business with better email services that 500Mail affords. 500Mail is all you need to improve your business with email software. You don't have to worry whether your campaigns will generate the anticipated result. They definitely will. 500Mail also provides free sign-up for ten users, which you can maximize. You don't have to wait anymore, and it's time to get your email up and effective.

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