What is Email Hosting?

If you're looking for email hosting, it's important to know exactly what email hosting is. In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about email hosting and how you can find the best service provider for your needs.


Access unlimited mailboxes from one place


Build brand identity and credibility with unlimited custom domains


Filter emails to avoid spams for a secured email communication


Export contacts to CRM directly from your address book via CRM integrations


Route emails to various groups using advanced filters and aliases


Set up mailboxes with default email clients without having to download a new one


Personalize emails with mutiple signatures


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What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?

Most people are familiar with free email service providers such as google and yahoo and, to a large extent, have become comfortable with the services provided. Although this might be adequate for individual email owners, businesses and organizations or people with a knack for an organized system should consider email hosting.

What it is

Email hosting is a separate service that enables you to create a unique email address peculiar to your brand and use it to send and receive emails, create folders and maximize template usage. The most significant advantage of email hosting over free email service providers is the freedom to change your email domain name to synchronize with your website or business name.

Email Hosting

Other than the uniqueness it gives to your brand, it gives a more professional outlook and protects your emails as you are less likely to be a target to hackers. Using an email hosting provider also gives you greater control over the service you receive.

When considering email hosting, there are two critical factors: brand identity and security. Since the services are not free, you will have direct access to your email hosting company's support staff, allowing you to contact them if you encounter any technical or security issues. Email hosting also allows for access at any time as long as an internet connection is available.

Creating a strong brand identity is essential for impacting today's fast-paced digital world. With almost all industries and businesses going digital, getting noticed requires more than just great products and services. Customers have faith in brands they recognize and can identify with. With email hosting, you can make a professional and recognizable first impression right away!

Customers value a sense of security, and brands that provide complete security have an advantage in retaining customers. Most conventional means of communication have been overturned by email. As an organization or business, it is paramount that it remains safe and secure, no matter how sensitive the information being communicated is.

Which Software to Use

You cannot deny how vital email is to your company (no matter how much you may want to). However, selecting an email provider is a more important decision. Your email host will handle most of the technical details, allowing you to send mail from your domain, filter for spam and phishing scams, store files, and provide a full suite of productivity tools such as calendars or contact management.


This choice of software allows you to collaborate with your team via email securely and reliably using secure authentication protocols. In addition, 500Mail has numerous features that are beneficial for your email hosting.

Physical Safety

Software, hardware, networks, and sensitive data are protected from physical actions resulting in enterprise damage. 500Mail protects both physical and cyber-attacks.

Physical Safety

Email Encryption

You can be guaranteed that the software will provide end-to-end encrypted emails that are secure throughout the delivery process and cannot be accessed by email servers.

Email Storage is Limitless

Unlimited user space is available for all your business and personal needs using secure protocols.

Make an Unlimited Number of Mailboxes

This software allows it to create unlimited mailboxes with different security protocols. Every mailbox has its dashboard, including Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash, and apps. The trash will be activated 30 days after the mailbox is created.

Mailboxes that can be shared

Using a single username and password, you could divide inboxes among different users. It is useful in organizations to share a single mailbox among other teams to work collaboratively.

Email Data Security

500mail.com provides an email gateway that can be used on-premises or in the cloud and can assist you in improving your cyber security services.

Access to Secure Email

Accessibility to email while maintaining security on your end is assured. Your calendar, emails, and contacts will always be encrypted with only authentication access.

Secure Email

Email hosting has evolved into a necessity for businesses. It provides email services and a branding effect for a company. It is cost-effective as it saves you time and resources. You do not need to purchase an email system or hire additional IT staff to maintain and ensure security. You can now concentrate on more important tasks rather than doing extra work to maintain and support your business email.

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