How To Get Secured and Authenticated Mail with Email Software?

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What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?

Statistics show that there are approximately four billion email users across the globe. Electronic mail is a medium of sharing and receiving information over the internet. It is a thriving market on its own, and email marketers are striving hard to get the best result out of its usage.

While there are numerous benefits in using email for communication and marketing, some abnormalities are attached to it. Those abnormalities are frequent attacks, cybersecurity breaches, and data loss. Email communication is regarded as one of the most vulnerable to attack.

In recent times, IT administrators, developers, and cyber security experts are engaging in a series of research. These researches led to innovation and the discovery of tools to get secure and authenticated mails. Unfortunately, as the industry players are coming up with tools and methods to prevent a cyberattack, these hackers are also making headway. The email hacking community continues to discover ways to breach all forms of security and encryption.

Secure And Authenticated Mails

Nonetheless, there are several tools out there to help you secure and encrypt your mail at every stage. One of those tools is the 500mail software. This email software has the necessary tools and features that help you keep your mail messages safe and encrypted. No matter the severity of the attack, using this software will always keep unauthorized access in check.

You might be wondering how this email software has continued to stay ahead of hackers. Some of the processes involved are;

Email server and traffic encryption

One of the proven ways to secure your mail using an email server is encryption. There are several processes involved in the mail server and traffic encryption.

  • First, a secure email server encrypts your mail during transfer and encrypts the mail saved in your database or inbox.

Encrypting your mail during transfer and saving it in your inbox or draft helps secure inbound email traffic.

  • Certificate-based encryption

Certificate-based encryption mostly comes in two options; PGP/MIME and S/MIME. This encryption method is peculiar to the end-user or recipient of the mail. The certificate protocols help to keep them secured from the stage where the emails originate until the end-user recipient receives them.

Email software that uses S/MIME has a public key or asymmetric cryptography that serves as digital certificates for emails. It is these Certificates that help to authenticate the email sender.

Email Software

  • Email authentication credential

Authentication credential encryption is another tool you should look out for when subscribing to email software.

Email software such as 500Mail uses CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, and GSSAPI for email authentication and credentials encryption. The authentication encryption will help you scrutinize and identify the sender of the mail. The identification will ensure that the email sender or server is not under attack by unauthorized persons.

  • Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)

SMTP is a mail security protocol. You can use this mail protocol to submit messages to an email server. Emails servers that send and relay messages from one server to another also use SMTP on their way to their designated recipient.

The SMTP protocol could be Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS). The SSL protocol used to be the toast of all email servers and email software developers. However, it is now vulnerable to attack. The TLS protocol is now the recommended standard. It comes in three versions; TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, and TLS 1.3

The SSL and TLS encryption protocol is similar. When you use software powered by these protocols, if an unauthorized third party eventually gains access to your mail server, they will not be able to decode the mail content. Instead, it will automatically display random characters.

Encryption Protocol

There are other ways to secure your emails apart from encryption and authentication protocol. They include; Two-factor authentication, use of open-source software, metadata handling, secure server location, and a host of other methods.

Apps such as 500Mail encrypt and secure your mail from the drafting stage until it gets to the final recipient. The tools in the software also help to protect the mail content between the email client and the email server & between the sender and receiver’s email server.

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