Secure Email

to manage mail end-to-end encryption

Provides secure email service for business and individuals by encrypting emails, using physical security and data protection policies.

Secure Email

Secure Email Service for Businesses and Individuals

By design, 500Mail is a secure email service that is simple to use and private.

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physical security

Physical Security

Provides security physically to the data servers and the infrastructure to protect against physical break-ins and malware attacks.

email data protection

Email Data Protection

Provides an extra layer of security for businesses and individuals who want to keep their email data confidential and secure.

encrypted email

Encrypted Email

Encrypting email helps to protect the private messages of organizations and individuals by decrypting the original text into ciphertext.

secure email access

Secure Email Access

Access email with security at your end. Your data of calendar, emails, contacts will always be encrypted with authentication access only.

certificates and compliance

Certificates and Compliance

Fulfills all of the standards by providing security, and formally states that it complies with all of the requirements.

What is Secure Email?

Secure email allows customers to send and receive encrypted emails so that the messages are not read by anyone other than the sender and recipient during transmission. Offer a range of features, such as sending large files, setting expiration dates for messages, and creating password-protected email accounts. Learn more about How Do I Send Secure Emails

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