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Secure Business Email is an email service which uses encryption to protect users' email communications. It is designed to provide a secure way for businesses to communicate with each other and with their customers. Secure Business Email is a subscription service, and users can choose to pay for it on a monthly or yearly basis. The service includes a number of features, such as the ability to create and manage email addresses, the ability to send and receive encrypted email, and the ability to set up and manage email filters.

500Mail by 500apps is an email client that anyone can use, with unique features that make it simple to manage multiple email accounts, all in one place.

Getting Started - 500Mail

Go to > Select Collaboration from the top bar > Select 500Mail

Getting Started with 500mail


Click on the 500Mail icon highlighted in the image below.

Getting Started with 500mail

Choosing a Custom Domain

There are many benefits of choosing a domain in email software. One of the main benefits is that it helps to protect your brand identity. It also helps to build trust and credibility with your customers. Additionally, it can help to improve your email deliverability rates.

To add a domain to 500Mail:

  • Click on Add Domain to get started

Choosing a Domain

  • Enter the domain name with which you want to create the mailbox (for example, and click on the Generate DNS Instructions

Choosing a Domain

  • Now you can create email boxes for your users using the domain or in this example for your official business communications

  • Next, copy all the SPF, MX, CNAME, DMARC & DKIM records and add them simultaneously to your domain records

Choosing a Domain

  • Once done Click on Verify & Save to submit

How to Manage Mailboxes?

One of the primary benefits is that it can help save time. When all of your email messages are stored in one place, it can be easy to forget to check certain email accounts. Having an email software application can help keep track of all of your email accounts in one place.

Additionally, managing mailboxes in an email software application can help keep your inbox organized. This can be beneficial if you receive a lot of email messages on a daily basis.

Here is how you can setup mailboxes for your accounts on 500Mail:

  • Once the domain is added, you can initiate creating your mailboxes by clicking on "+" button at the bottom right

Managing Mailboxes

  • Fill in the Email Address > Enter the Password > select your Members who should have access to your Mailbox from the drop-down list > Click on Save

Managing Mailboxes

  • Once done, you will get a menu that shows your Mobile Setup instructions to help you access mails over your phone

Managing Mailboxes

Your mailbox will be successfully created.

Mailbox Options

  • Inbox - All the mails that you receive will be shown under this section
  • Sent - All the mails that you have sent from your mail id will be shown under this section
  • Drafts - All the mails that have been saved as a not or not sent will be shown under this section
  • Apps - Under this section, you will get to integrate your mail with third party applications

Options Inside Your Mailbox

How to Send your First Email?

  • Click on ‘+’ button at the bottom right of the page to start

  • Type the receiver’s mail id. You also add Cc and Bcc here

  • Type your Subject for the email id

  • Write down your mail under Body section. You can attach files, emojis, bold, italic and underline

  • Click on Send to send the mail or click on ´x´ at the top right to save it in drafts

Sending your First Email

  • To reply to a particular email, click on the particular thread from Inbox or Sent mails > Write down your mail > Click on Send

Sending your First Email

Personalize Emails with Signatures

With signatures, email software you can easily personalize your emails with beautiful signatures. You can easily create and manage your email signatures from one place too. Signatures is a must have email productivity tool for busy professionals who want to save time, & 500Mail provides you with just that. Here is how you can setup signatures for your accounts:

  • Click on Settings > Signature to see the signature configuration options

Personalize Emails with Signatures

  • Click on + Add Signature > Enter your Signature Name > Click on Save

Personalize Emails with Signatures

  • Enter your Signature, for example, J Manager
  • Select the emails to be used from the drop-down menus - “For new emails use” and “On reply/forward use”
  • Click on the check-box
  • Click on Save at the bottom left

Screening Through Filters

Screen Emails Through Filters

Filters can be used to create rules that automatically move messages to specific folders, mark messages as read, or delete messages. Email filters can be created based on a variety of criteria, such as sender, recipient, subject, or date. To add filters to your mailbox, follow these quick steps.

  • Click on Settings > Click on Filters

Screening Through Filters New

  • Click on ‘+’ at the bottom right to create new filter from the menu that appears

Screening Through Filters

  • Fill in the Conditions such as From, Subject and To. Here, you will have to follow a particular format if you choose From. The format should be "FirstName LastName < mailid >" > Fill in Actions where you can either move the files to a particular folder or add one by clicking on New Folder. Also, you can choose Delete which will move those incoming mails to Trash > Click on Save button to save your changes.

Screening Through Filters

  • The result will appear such as the one shown in the image below

Screening Through Filters

How to Integrate Third Party Applications?

Integrations are important in email software because they allow you to connect your email software to other software platforms that you use. This allows you to automate tasks, such as sending emails when someone fills out a form on your website, and can make your email software more powerful by giving you access to data and tools from other platforms.

500Mail provides users with powerful third party app integrations to allow your business use pre-owned third party app services.

App Integrations

To integrate any third party application (that you have access to), such as Agile CRM,

  • Go to Sent mails > Click on the particular mail > Click on Add to CRM as shown in the image below

App Integrations

  • Fill in the details such as First Name and Last Name > Click on Save. Your application will be finally integrated

App Integrations

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