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Best smtp Integration for Email Software

Use smtp email integration to integrate all your email contact on 500mail.

track all email flow

Track all email flow

Smtp is a simple and reliable SMTP server. It is designed to receive emails and send emails, 500mail uses it to send emails. If you want to test the emails you send, you can use it to send emails. You can also use it to track all emails flow.

Secure gateway

While the SMTP connection enables for quick email delivery, owing to our API, this time can be reduced. Smtp is the ultimate secure gateway to send email. You can use it to encrypt your emails and send them over the internet. It's used by many of the top companies in the world such as Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.

secure gateway
improved deliverability

Improved Deliverability

While the SMTP connection enables quick email delivery, and time can be reduced. SMTP connection enables a high delivery rate as well as a backup strategy if delivery fails.

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