Look beyond your friendly email service if you want to increase your customer base and reach out to as many consumers as possible. Even in this modern era, this tried and tested marketing tool remains one of the best and most effective ways to communicate with others. Moreover, the efficiency of emails almost doubles itself if you combine them with chat, social media, SMS, display ads, and direct mail. It will not be a good thing to underestimate the influence and reach of your emails. According to recent statistics, more than 4 billion regular email users worldwide. This figure represents approximately half the worldwide population. This data will help you understand why 64% of small-sized businesses use email to communicate with their customers.

What Is Email Software?

Email software is a unique program that allows you to use electronic mail. It has all the functionalities and features to let you send and receive emails. These special programs do not use the existing email hosting technology in most cases. On the contrary, email editors have various messaging functionality, formats, and layout tools.

Top 7 Simple and Efficient Email Software

The best email software for your business can help you create a professional image in the minds of your customers and help your teams collaborate efficiently through emails. Here is a look at the top 7 simple and efficient email providers and what makes them different from others.

1. 500Mail

500Mail is one of the most user-friendly and efficient email software you will ever encounter. The software provides ad-free, secure, and encrypted email services for business organizations and individuals. 500Mail also gives you various options for creating different domains and using unlimited mailboxes. 500Mail is made so that you can also access the software on your mobile. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS. This will help you stay connected with your emails on any device and from any location. 500Mail gets rid of the danger of finding your emails hacked. It offers world-class data security. You can secure your official data with DKIM, DMARC, and SPF.

Efficient Email Software Features

Some of the critical features of 500Mail are:

- Unlimited mailboxes

- Secure email

- Multiple domains

- Email signature

- Multiple device setup

- Multi-region support

2. Zoho Mail

Another reliable email provider for your business is Zoho Mail. It is one of the most secured email solutions for users worldwide. In addition, Zoho Mail provides customized business email solutions for your organization’s communication requirements. Thanks to its improved collaboration features, Zoho Mail provides you with more than a mere inbox.

3. eM Client

Amongst the long list of fully-featured email service providers, a name to reckon with is eM Client. It is compatible with macOS and Windows and comes with a user-friendly interface. Apart from the usual inbox, you can also expect other features, such as notes, tasks, calendars, and contacts.

4. Fastmail

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Fastmail is an email hosting company. They ensure secure email service without compromising your privacy. They also ensure that all your business data stays hidden from prying eyes. As a result, Fastmail has remained one of the top email service providers for more than 20 years. The best part is that your business data is never shared with any advertiser.

5. Bluemail

If you want your teams to come out at the top, then Bluemail will be the email software for your organization. It comes with a wide array of technical and visual customizations, action bars, menus, and swipe actions. There are also different themes, colors, and buttons that enable your team to perform better. In addition, the Bluemail app will connect to your mail server and becomes the perfect replacement for the stock email app that you use.

6. Protonmail

Developed by MIT and CERN scientists, Protonmail offers one of the world’s most extensive end-to-end encrypted email services. The email software uses client-side encryption so that user data and email content remain secure before forwarding them to Protonmail servers. This feature makes it better than most other popular email service providers.

7. ActiveCampaign

Suitable for small to medium-sized organizations, ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based email software. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the software maker offers tools to help with customer experience automation. These tools help to combine sales automation, transactional email, and CRM categories.

If you use the most suitable email software, you can expect the desired results as far as business coordination is concerned. However, you need to understand that using email software will not give you positive results. Therefore, it would help if you did the proper research and found the best email service provider for your business.

What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?
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