Admit it; signing documents online can be a time-consuming task — you'll have to open the digital copy, edit its format, print it out, get it signed, then scan it back into the computer before reformatting it again and sending it to the recipient.

Does that sound like a lot? It does, and this may lead you to wonder why having a professional signature is important. Think of it as a pizza — if the email has no signature, it's the same as a pizza without toppings.

It doesn't matter how much work and effort you put into creating the body of your email; if it lacks that information at the bottom, it's useless. It is important that you leave a lasting parting impression on your target, especially where business is concerned.

Thankfully, plenty of smart email signature builders are available, so getting a modern email signature is pretty easy.

A good email signature is a mark of distinction that earns you credibility and makes you look very professional. It should look artistic but not flashy; flamboyant but not showy; it should provide just enough information while retaining the reader's curiosity.

An email signature is not just meant to be shown off at the end of a letter; no, it has a lot more utility to it. For instance, marketers can use it as part of a branding strategy because it builds a good perception and considerably influences people's choices.

Keep in mind that you need your email to stand out among those of your competitors — they also send emails like that to your clients in hopes of swaying them. However, yours can be easier to identify, thanks to the signature.

If it is unique and can receive attention from them, it will stick in their memory, and they will remember your brand. After that, it's just a matter of time.

Now that you know how important email signatures can be, it is advised that you also use them in digital form. When it comes to emails, a wide variety of software has been made available online without cost.

Email Signature Generator

What Is an Email Signature Generator?

An email signature generator is a software tool that enables you to build a customized signature you can use in your emails. There are many available in the market, and some of them are free.

These tools can be used to craft attractive but professional email signatures that will convey the information your recipients need and look great while at it.

All you need to do to make a signature part of your email program is enter your information and generate it. After that, your virtual email signature designs will be displayed each time you send an email to anyone.

Electronic signature software allows you to append your signature on documents and send them within seconds. In the rest of this post, we'll introduce you to 12 of the best email signature generators you can count on for the best results.


This email software is a powerhouse that provides you with secure email access. It comes equipped with many features, including unlimited mailboxes and multiple domains using IMAP and POP authentication protocols.

Here's a breakdown of what it can do:

Break Down Points

Provide Encrypted Emails Access

500mail will provide you with secure, encrypted email services that can be used to send sensitive information. High-level encryption ensures privacy regardless of what kind of email you're sending. You can get this tool for free, and it is also ad-free.

Access Unlimited Mailboxes

With 500mail, you will have the privilege of creating multiple mailboxes in the same platform with guaranteed data protection, unlimited storage, and shared mailboxes.

Integrate with Different Applications

Thanks to the friendly makeup of this tool, you can optimize and merge your data to boost your workflow between your various software applications. This will lead to better productivity and time efficiency.

If you want an all-in-one solution for managing contracts and documents with a built-in eSignature feature, 500mail should be on your list.


PandaDoc is famous for its streamlined user interface. User interaction is seamless, and it also offers its eSignature solution as part of a larger file management tool.

It uses a drag-and-drop form integration and is equipped with automated workflows and full audit histories. You also get some integrations, including CRM, payment, and file storage applications.


Gimmie is a feature-packed email signature generator that allows you to create flawless signatures rapidly.

It offers more than 45 predesigned templates for various industries and a white–labeling feature that allows web design agencies to put their logo in the signature editor, making it seem like their own in-house product.

Gimmie enables you to edit your signature to your heart's content. Customizations can range from colors and borders to spacing, fonts, and social icons, to name a few.

Signature Maker

This software can help you create very attractive email signatures. It stands out because it emphasizes rapidly generating perfect and professional handwritten digital names.

To use this email signature tool, you don't need to install any software or plugins, and it is based on HTML5, which means that modern browsers like Chrome won't have problems with it.


WiseStamp is a high-quality email signature generator with both a free version and a monthly subscription that unlocks more functionality.

The email signature software allows you to share your work with your clients in just one click, and as a bonus, you can add more social media icons to the signature.

It also comes with predesigned templates, and you are allowed to customize your message with Instagram photos to promote your brand identity.


HubSpot has an email signature template that provides an excellent option for business owners. The template allows you to add your call to action image and text; however, before that…

The first thing to do is fill in some personal information in the boxes provided, after which you add your social media links to the form.

Depending on what suits your business, you get to decide what sort of colors, fonts, themes, and other styles you want.

Crossware Mail Signature

This is also a very professional email signature tool that helps you create visually stunning signatures. If you had help from some graphic design service while designing your handwritten digital signature, this tool would allow you to add it to your emails.

There's a 30-day free trial to help you decide if you want to opt-in for the premium subscription, which, depending on the plan, can create signatures for between ten and five hundred people.

Terminus Email

This tool was formerly known as Sigstr, and the name change has not affected the quality the tool offers. The Terminus Email signature builder easily helps you make digital signatures. It is equipped with a personalization feature that allows you to target your email ads based on your recipients' email addresses. With this, you just never miss.

Mail Signatures

This is one of the most accessible and easily navigable email signatures generators you can use. It has many clickable options, but you need to enter some personal details in the form — these may include your company name and company logo.

Therefore if your logo designer should create one for your business, the template Mail Signature offers lets you display it at the end of your email signature.

It also lets you add your social media links. Even more, you also get the opportunity to stylize your fonts. After you input information, click on the 'Apply your signature' button, and the signature will be added to your email messages.


Zippyzig can be used to create custom signatures for your whole team. It is a favorite among business owners who need personalized options for a group of people.

It boasts more than 40 fonts, a lot of layout options, and field labels you can choose from depending 8n your brand specifications.

Email Signature Rescue

This software comes equipped with many templates that you can choose to create a customized digital signature. By the time you finish filling out the form you'll be provided with, your signature will be ready to be used with the template.

This platform can serve as safe storage and host for the email signature you created, and it can also be integrated with Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your social media icons, links, images, and others.

Growth Mail

Growth Mail has a unique feature that transforms your email signatures into business advertisements. Depending on how much Mail your employees send, your ads could reach many potential leads.

In this way, the template becomes a branding tool you can use to drive traffic towards your business. You can also utilize other email personalization strategies within it to get better conversions.

What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?
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