It's not an easy task to get a job these days, especially when you're just starting your career. The toughness can also be daunting to a seasoned professional, but usually, experience is enough to see them through.

Your time and effort will be required for the tedious recruitment process to start a career. You have to send your resume to multiple companies, apply for their interviews, ace said interviews, and convince the HR personnel doing the recruiting that you possess the necessary skills required.

The bigger the career scope is, the more likely it is to possess more boxes you'll have to check to set yourself apart. Indeed this is not an easy task, but it is also not impossible.

There are many ways you can start a career, but one of the easiest ways is to impress potential employers.

This method will put you directly under the scrutiny of the employer, who will either be forced to pay attention because of your skills or discard you for the lack of them.

Impressing a person can be difficult, but an easy way to grab a potential employer's attention is by sending them an email containing your resume. This shows that you acknowledge that they have a vacant role you think you could comfortably fill.

If you want to be considered for the position, you'll want a well-written resume that ends up in the right inbox, and you'll want to hope that the content grabs the hiring manager's interest enough to get them to review your application.


You are sometimes encouraged to submit your resume through an online medium, but it has been said that sending an email shows direct initiative.

In this article, we will be looking at a few important things you'll need to keep in mind before sending out that email to the hiring manager.

Before you send that email, make sure you do these seven things if you want to grab that employer's attention.

Prepare yourself before putting anything down

The first thing you need to do is to analyze the job posting. Read it as many times as you need to, and make sure you prepare the relevant documents according to the hiring personnel's specifications.

If the hiring manager's name was not provided in the job posting, try reaching out to the company to find out where to send your resume, or you can track down the HR team online.

Having a business email address to use will also go a long way because it makes you look more professional, which will grab any hiring personnel's attention.

If you don't have one, consider signing up on an online platform like G Suite or sign up for one with your internet service provider.

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Craft your email

After you have analyzed the job posting and readied yourself, the next thing is to develop a suitable subject line. This has to be as appropriate, straightforward, and eye-catching as possible.
Hiring managers get tons of emails from applicants like you, so you have to make sure yours contains elements that make it stand out. In your email, addressing the hiring manager by name can add a nice personal touch and might also reveal that you've done your homework. The email you send out should not include your cover letter unless instructed to do so. It would help if you gave the hiring manager enough to make them want to know more.

Make the company your focus

Don't forget to convey your eagerness to land that position without employing the use of flattery. Do this by talking about the value you hope to bring to the organization as a whole and how you plan to accomplish this. Remember showcasing your talent is great, but more effective is pointing out how you can leverage those skills to move the company forward.

Go straight to the point

A hiring manager will usually get many emails whenever a job vacancy is released. This means that a couple of emails were received along with yours at any point in time. A hiring manager will not have time to pore over long flowing emails, so you must be concise and as formal as you can. Avoid using things like slang, gifs, emojis, incorrect grammar, informal greetings, and keep sensitive information to yourself until you're face to face with the manager.

Let the employer know you're available to move

It is always a good idea to express your desires in this email. If you won't mind living in the city the company is headquartered in, convey that and if you want to be elsewhere, perhaps a specific city, point it out. Firms want passionate employees who love their city and won't start entertaining second thoughts after a long time away from home. If you've never been to the city where the business is located, wisely keep that bit of information to yourself.

Never forget to proofread

Go over your email again after you're done to make sure no mistakes were made. Remove unnecessary words, cross your Ts and dot your Is, and remember to check punctuation. Mixing long and short sentences will make it easier for the hiring manager to read those emails, which may get you noticed.

Don't stick out, be unique instead

The goal is not to stick out like a sore thumb but to stand out and be unique. An important tip to keep in mind is that any company will look for an employee who fits its work culture. You can choose to be clever, but not too clever, unique but not too unique, and funny if that's your thing. It adds a bit of character to you and may appeal to the hiring manager.


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