Imagine going to the office on Monday after a beautiful weekend with friends, only to find your inbox filled with emails. Of course, such a situation can get any person get confused and frustrated. But, on the other hand, if you know how to organize your inbox, things can get very smooth even if you open your inbox after several days of break. In case you are not aware, emails are the primary communication method that most worldwide companies use on several occasions. They use emails to make announcements, provide crucial information, and assign tasks. However, it is time-consuming to go through an inbox full of emails. Thus, it is always a good thing to organize your inbox so that you can avoid clutters. This will also help you quickly locate any essential email at a later date.

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Inbox Organized?

When you talk about email organization, it involves categorizing the emails in your inbox according to priority. At the same time, you discard all the unimportant or junk mail. As a result, you can avoid email clutter and locate any important email whenever necessary. Organizing your inbox also helps you respond to emails faster than otherwise. If you can practice the correct techniques for organizing your inbox, you can quickly boost your efficiency and productivity levels in the office. In addition, if you know that your emails are correctly sorted, you can also relieve yourself of any workplace stress that you may be feeling due to multiple emails lying in your inbox.

What Is An Email Software?

Email software is a program with the capabilities and features that allows sending and receiving emails. You will often notice that an email software acts as an email editor and come with various additions. These include message capability tools, numerous formats, and different email layouts.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Email Software?

Many of you may think that there is no need for you to have dedicated email software for your business. However, if you still think similar, here are some benefits of email software. Going through these benefits may change your mindset.

Benefits Of Email Software

Saves Your Precious Time

It is possible for a business organization to use multiple email services and have more than one business email address. In such a scenario, you will need to install various email applications for numerous service providers. On the other hand, if you opt for dedicated email software, you will receive all your emails in a single place. This is irrespective of the number of email service providers your company uses. The email software centralizes all of your email accounts and saves your precious time in logging in and out of each email provider.

Provides Security

Most large-scale organizations use emails to transfer crucial information and data in this modern era. Thus, it is essential for the business that the email client provides an adequate amount of security to their personal information. An email is always at risk of falling into the wrong hands. In such cases, all of your crucial business data may get compromised. Such disasters may happen while sending, during flight, and receiving emails. Thus, email clients always ensure that emails are encrypted from when they are sent to when the receiver opens them. A good quality email software will provide an encryption key to access emails. Then, as a sender, you can give the key to your recipient so that he can use it to access the emails.

Safeguards You from Advertisements

Email software will always protect you from unwanted ads and act as one of the best inbox filters. However, this is not something that you can expect from email providers. Your email service provider will scan through the data of the emails that you send and receive. They use this data to bombard you with unwanted advertisements. However, an email software will always receive email contents through IMAP or POP3. This makes it very difficult for email provider to scan your emails. If an email service provider manages to browse through the contents of your emails, your email software will prevent you from receiving any ads.

The Best Email Software to Keep Your Inbox Organized

Business entities have understood the importance of dedicated email software for their businesses. This is why there is a rise in the number of such applications or tools in the market. Although these tools share most primary features, some factors set apart some email software from the rest.

500Mail- A Step Ahead Of Its Competitors

To a first-time user, 500Mail may seem just like any other software for emails. However, several differences place 500Mail one step ahead of its competitors. First, 500Mail is a top-rated email software solution that provides encrypted email access, allows users to access many mailboxes, and uses its advanced inbox filters to organize emails. It is best suited for all levels of businesses, whether small, medium, or large-scale. The USP of 500Mail that differentiates it from the rest includes:

  • World-class security for your email data.
  • Accessibility from any device.
  • Unlimited mailboxes across multiple domains.

Usps Differentiates

It also lets you use email signatures to make your emails look more professional. You have the liberty of accessing 500Mail from Android and iOS mobile devices. It uses various email authentication for high-level data security, including DKIM, DMARC, and SPF.


500Mail is created by 500apps, a company that can help your business grow and become Fortune 500. They have 39 different applications for enterprises of all levels. Whether you need marketing, productivity, customer support, sales, or HR tools, you name it, and 500apps has it for you. In other words, 500apps takes care of all the business management requirements of your organization. Whether it involves managing any workflow, project, or task. 500Mail helps you properly organize your inboxes from unlimited mailboxes using advanced email settings. Apart from using it on computers, 500Mail is mobile-friendly and works seamlessly on iOS and Android devices.

What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?
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