Customer relationship management (CRM) provides the perfect opportunities for transforming a company’s sales value. In the fast-paced world where you need a firm hold on your customers and potential customers, you need email drip campaigns to be your extra pair of hands.

Email drip campaigns are easy ways to grow your email lists and connect to your customers. Also referred to as automated marketing, email drip campaigns are sets of automated emails you send to follow predetermined user actions or schedules. You increase your brand, product, and service awareness by sending scheduled automated emails.

Even with a huge sales team, email marketing is still one of the best means to optimize your business. You can convert more leads and drive more sales with the right follow-up.

What Is An Email Drip Campaign?

Drip campaigns are automated emails sent to follow specific user-action or timelines. Drip campaigns let you generate more buy-in with your future customers by slipping through subtle selling points. The purpose of a series of emails is to deliver the right information to the right person when you want. For example, a customer will receive a welcome email.

Email Drip Campaign

Drip emails are usually written ahead of time. In other words, they are automated and don’t require immediate actions from your end before they are sent. You can also personalize drip emails to contain information targeted to the recipient and even details about the recipient. Targeted emails are much more effective than non-targeted emails because recipients will click on emails they can relate to.

7 Ways To Use a Drip Campaign To Optimize Your Business

Use a marketing or email automation service Drip campaigns are more effective when you use an email marketing automation service. Let’s face it; there is little you can do by yourself. From creating your campaigns and setting triggers, all activities involved in sending an automated email can be exhausting. Since drip campaigns can save time and connect with customers, you will have better luck with a business email service.

A business email service lets you run drip email campaigns and optimize your business communications with secure email services. First, you can create and customize your email address instead of a generic account to improve your perception and reflect professionalism. Apart from this, the service provides an automation platform built for E-commerce, including letting you send steady marketing information to customers.

Other Features Of An Email Automation Service Include:

  • Multiple domain creation
  • IMAP and POP email authentication and file sharing
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • App integration and multi device setup
  • Attachment support and encrypted security.
  • Segment your email list
  • Proper identification of the right audience allows you to personalize your messages and offers. You can move to triggers for your campaigns when you have a targeted and defined audience. Audience targeting ensures that you provide the information your customers need at specific times.

Although there are many times of drip emails, the common ones include: - Welcome emails - Onboarding emails - Shipping cart abandonment - Subscription renewal - List building

You can freely segment your contacts with any criteria that fit your business needs and demands. However, properly segmenting your customers and potential customers will treat their needs differently. For example, potential buyers who responded to a paid ad must be treated differently than those that came through a customer referral.

Email Automation Service

Create Rules And Trigger Avents

As we mentioned earlier, an automated message is easier when you do it with an automation email marketing service. Regardless, you must still set rules for delivering emails. It can be based on user action or last known communication. When you send your first email, it automatically becomes your first lead. After sending the first email, you must schedule how other emails will follow – the frequency, volume, extent of follow-up, etc.

Relevant triggers will help you maintain the effectiveness of drip emails. However, any trigger must produce an outcome related to your marketing goals.

Personalize Your Messages

Although email campaigns are sent out in bulk, don’t make your reader feel like another name on the list. Instead, personalize your messages and use customizable fields with which each recipient can flow. This type of detail, although small, goes a long way to encourage follow-through.

Include An Option To Share and Opportunities For Engagement

Emails with social sharing options generate a higher click-through rate than those without. If you want to initiate an action from your potential customer, include sharing with their social communities. It can also have a means for the recipient to follow your social network and talk to you.

One of the goals of an email drip campaign is to build customer relationships. Call to action and engagements will boost your audience engagement and improve loyalty to interact with the brand. Depending on the goal, your engagement prompt can take any form. Don’t be afraid to use engagement opportunities to reach customers.

Emails With Social Sharing

Produce Different Contents

Generic content doesn’t sell as it is impossible to know what motivates sales prospects. As a result, you will need to present different information to measure their reactions. You can create different categories for your emails to include areas such as:

  • Promotions and special offers
  • Industry trends
  • Product how-tos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Features and benefits overview.

You can play with various formats to get the desired connection you are looking for. For example, you can change the layout to rows and columns or include video, text, and images in your emails.

Track Your Result For Funnel Optimization

Measure the effectiveness of your drip campaigns to determine their overall impact on sales. To ensure optimization, you must measure results through sales. If you use your customer relation management effectively, you will convert email interactions into meaningful revenues. For example, you can customize a landing page to attract customers.


After launching your campaign, you must analyze it during and after implementation to underline areas of strength and improvement. One of the easiest ways to source key analytics is to use email softwares.

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