With the world's technological growth, there is a need to brief up security consistently. Businesses and individuals who invariably require sending emails would likely not want the world reading them. Snoops are constantly devising new ways to intrude on emails' privacy, hence why email encryption services are required.

The Best Encrypted Email Software for 2022, and The Runner-ups

Encrypted email software helps to secure email communication. A considerable part of our internet presence revolves around emails. Despite our differing inclinations, we all agree on something; we all want what we want private to stay private. The best way to keep the content of our emails private is through encrypted emails. Going into 2022, we have selected the best encrypted email softwares and the runner-ups for you. They are:


500Mail is the best email encrypted service with unlimited email boxes. It uses advanced security like IMAP and POP protocols to secure your email messages. In addition, the software is accessible from any device on the go. It authenticates and secures your business emails with SDF, DKIM, and DMARK.

Features of 500Mail include:
  • Up to 15GB storage on the Free plan
  • Data protection
  • Encrypt email
  • Physical security
  • Secure mail access
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Certificates and compliances
  • Multiple domains
  • Domain setup


Tutonota is very popular for encrypting every aspect of your emails. The software algorithm is open source and presents itself as a secure email service alternative to Gmail. It automatically encrypts emails on both ends, including Tutanota.

Features of Tutanota include:

  • Free plan for a user with 1GB storage
  • Based on open-source code
  • Offer free service for non-profit organizations.
  • Double-factor authentication


ProtonMail is an encrypted email software developed by scientists and engineers of CERN. Their sole purpose for developing the software is to increase online security and privacy. It offers end-to-end encryption for message transmission.

Features of ProtonMail include;

  • Free plan with 500MB storage and 150 emails per day
  • Two-step verification
  • Available on both iOS and Android mobile
  • Pinpoint and report phishing
  • Allows you to set self-destructing messages
  • The software is open source
  • Uses advanced encryption
  • Password-protect message from unauthorized users
  • Secure calendar and file storage system

What Is Encrypted Email Software?

An encrypted email software serves as a firewall from unauthorized access over the public internet. It works regardless of whether the recipient has software that protects them or not. Using encrypted email software helps mitigate the risk of a data breach with compliance with the security ordinance and information privacy.

Encrypted email software ensures that the email content remains secure until the authorized user identifies. In some industries, the software is a requirement. However, it is a necessity irrespective of the industry.

The software uses several encryption methods to protect the information, and they are performing the primary duty of preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information of business email address. The encryption method can be transport-level encryption, which ensures that no eavesdropping occurs on the content till the mail is delivered. End-to-end encryption takes it a notch further by encrypting information once they are created and can only be decrypted by approved devices or some semblance of authentication.

Some other secure email encryption software like 500Mail possesses additional encryption capabilities. However, these tools have other layers of protection like comprehensive spam filtering, malware protection, and information archiving. Several tiers of encryption solutions exist; some can be complex to implement while others are more user-friendly.

Why You Need Encrypted Email Software?

As we rely more on the internet to communicate and transmit data, encrypting email helps to mitigate the risks of exposure. Over the course of exchanging information, emails can be accessed by unauthorized users at several points, which are;

If your emails are not encrypted at rest, anyone with access to your device automatically gains access to the mails. During transit, unencrypted emails can be intercepted by unauthorized users.

Hackers can also attack emails on the service unless adequate security prevents infiltration. Email authentication can stop attackers from gaining assess to emails through stolen credentials.

Why You Need Encrypted Email Software

The recipients' end is also a center of vulnerability. If the mail is not encrypted, the recipient's device, connection, or email provider can be hijacked by attackers.

We have established several points where unencrypted emails stand at risk without adequate email protection in place. First, encrypting email reduces the chances of an attacker (either physical or cyber) gaining access to the sensitive content within the emails. A Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption encrypts both the message and the channel you use to send it. This two-layer pf encryption frustrates any potential unauthorized access. Even if the TLS fails, each message remains encrypted and would require a level of decryption before it can be accessed.

A data breach is another reason why you need to secure email for your business. It can be caused by a malicious outsider attack or an insider threat. It simply refers to the release of sensitive information outside a restricted domain. A data breach can significantly harm an organization and can impact the business's survival in severe cases. Hence, there is a need to prevent a data breach. Encrypting emails can effectively prevent a data breach. Even if emails are mistakenly sent to unauthorized persons, revoking access can help mitigate the risk of exposure.

Best Encrypted Email Software:

When looking for the best encrypted email softwares, there are some security features to look for. They include:

End-to-end Encryption

If the software cannot assure protection at both ends of the transmission, it is not worthy of consideration. Encrypting an email means scrambling the plain text of the content, so it is impossible to read without an encryption key or decryption.

With end-to-end encryption, the software puts the control in your hand. Only a private key unique to the user account can de-scramble the encrypted content at the recipient end. Any pilferer who tries to hijack the mail in transit will only end up with a jumble of unintelligible words.

PGP Encryption

PGP means Pretty Good Privacy, a concept involving private and public keypairs. Although it was developed in the early 1990s, it is generally implemented in the email encrypted today. PGP guarantees the security and privacy of emails over insecure networks.

Two-factor Authentication

This adds a layer to the security beef of your email accounts. In addition, it makes it difficult for unauthorized entry. Even if the password is cracked, access is not guaranteed in two-factor authentication. As it relies on two things something you know and something you have. Unless the attacker is harmed with these—which is highly unlikely—access is not approved.

500Mail by 500apps

Software that satisfies all the above security measures is 500Mail. So it is no surprise 500Mail is considered the best encrypted email softwares you should use in 2022.

500Mail is a product of 500apps designed by a dedicated group of designers and digital marketers. The software is developed as a practical, sophisticated, yet affordable option to other products on the market. And since its inception, 500Mail is consistently gaining recognition.

Two-factor Authentication

The software allows you to build a robust ecosystem using seamless app integrations. It then authenticates your email to secure and protect your entire business communication; automatically access and syncs your mails from all connected devices using IMAP and POP integration; and optimize your business communication using powerful drip campaigns.

The software interface is easy to use. The ease of setup on mobile devices makes it easy for you to connect with work at a moment's notice and respond to email emergencies promptly. Furthermore, access to the custom email address is from a single device but works flexibly from one machine with many mails.

Other features of 500Mail that make it more than just an email encrypted software are email signature capability, fault tolerance, multi-region support, DPA checked, drip campaigns, domain setup, and many more.

500Mail has a free for ten users Free plan. You get to enjoy a domain, ten user mailboxes, and webmail storage of up to 15GB. The Infinity Plan comes at a meager $14.99/month. There is no feature cap, and you have unlimited webmail storage.


The pros of using encrypted email software should be undeniable. Unfortunately, contemporary email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and other mainstream services do not encrypt your emails. This means not only are your emails unprotected, they—the service providers—can read your emails too. Keep your mails away from unauthorized users with 500Mail and protect the sanctity of your business.

What Makes the Best Secure Business Email?
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