Email will continue to be one of the main means of communicating between businesses and their clients. Most companies use email communication to interact with their leads and loyal customers. Similarly, this form of communication can also facilitate communication between colleagues. Tracking information, sharing files, and even providing customer service can also be done through email.

To ensure that their email software for communication is efficient and secure, finding the right email hosting provider is important. Investing in a reliable provider can boost your business productivity since there are additional features that a business can exploit. With the many providers online, finding an optimal solution for your business is crucial.

Email Hosting Software

Before listing the software you should consider trying, it’s worth pointing out that you should be looking for distinguishing features that make a good software.

1. Custom Domains

You want to make your business email address appear professional. This means customizing your email account using your business website domain is crucial. Confirm this with your provider because it will create a lasting impression on your prospects and customers.

2. 24/5 Support

Probably you think you need to hire a systems admin to manage your email. Well, you’re wrong. Your email software should offer you all round the clock support. This implies that your clients will always find the help they need at any time of the day.

3. Security

The right solution for your business should also be secure. Top security from your email hosting provider guarantees that your email accounts can’t be hacked. You should realize that cyberattacks can really cost your company. There are large companies that have lost billions because of cyber-attacks. This doesn’t mean that small businesses shouldn’t secure their email accounts. In fact, small businesses should take advantage of email security features like anti-spam filtering, anti-malware, data loss prevention, and so on.


4. Ease of Use

Moreover, the right email provider should give you full control of your email environment. Besides this, it should also provide you with the assistance you require at all times. The software you choose to use should be relatively easy to use. Select a reliable provider that offers a simple-to-use interface. The ease of use leads to flexibility, which also contributes to increased productivity in your organization.

Top Email Hosting Software in 2022


500Mail is an all-in-one software that is quite easy to use. The software is packed with amazing features that will transform how your business communicates. Apart from securing your emails, the tool offers you multiple domains using POP and IMAP Protocols, unlimited mailboxes, and convenient email access. 500Mail also offers you the advantage of integrating your mailboxes with mobile. You can conveniently access your emails from any device with an internet connection.


DreamHost is another all-around email hosting provider that is versatile and also easy to use. It’s an affordable tool with robust security features that surpass your expectations. You can protect your email accounts against viruses, malware, spam, and phishing attacks. DreamHost also comes with a mobile app to simplify communication in your organization. You can work remotely since messages are synchronized with all the devices you use. The only issue with this provider is that there is limited customer support, especially when using your phone.


Small businesses looking to leverage the power of an email hosting provider should choose Bluehost. This provider offers you unlimited email storage and email accounts. What’s more, the provider doesn’t have any official limitations. Regarding support, the hosting provider offers you all-round-the clock support and other features like IMAP and POP.

Google Workspace (G-Suite)

Google Workspace, commonly known as G-Suite to most individuals, is a popular productivity tool most businesses use. Companies use this tool when they want to be more productive and efficient. Other features that come with this tool include cloud-based documentation, Gmail, and Google Meet for online meetings.


Intermedia email hosting service is one of the best software that delivers high-end features to its providers. One aspect of this tool that will impress you is their security. Some of the security perks of the software include anti-spam tools, multiple backup options, data recovery plans, anti-malware tools, and regular security updates.

Zoho Mail

Another good choice for small businesses is Zoho Mail. If you are running on a tight budget, this is the right pick for you. Luckily, its friendly pricing doesn’t mean that it limits you from using high-end features. The tool is simple to use, and it’s secure. What’s more, it comes with a control panel that makes it easy for you to customize and configure the tool to suit your business needs.


If you’re looking for a software that simply delivers, Rackspace is a great choice. Apart from being affordable, the tool comes with a wide range of hosted emails features. Their excellent customer service and support will also impress you. Rackspace can also be integrated with other email applications that you may be using in your business, like Outlook and other mobile apps.


Well, you may have heard of this one. GoDaddy is a domain hosting provider that also offers email hosting services. Businesses that already use GoDaddy web hosting services can turn to this provider for their email hosting requirements. Its exceptional security and privacy protection will ensure your email accounts are secure. GoDaddy offers up to 50GB of email storage space. Like any other reliable software, it allows you to create domain-based email addresses.


Ultimately, the right software for emails is the one that you find easy to use. Do your homework and evaluate the best tools in the market before finally choosing one. Remember to consider the factors that have been pointed out in this post. We highly recommend 500Mail by 500apps for all your email communication requirements. The email hosting software also provide access to other collaboration software and CRM Software.

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